INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– Back 9 is officially open in Indianapolis, near Lucas Oil Stadium. The golf and music venue is a brand new, 58,500 square-foot facility that includes 75 climate-controlled golf bays, a three-story golf range, an outdoor music pavilion, restaurant and bar spaces, and more.

Positioning itself as downtown’s “fourth stadium,” Back 9 provides a unique and unmatched stadium-like experience for Indianapolis residents and visitors. It’s located by the White River at 1415 Drover Street.

The space includes a 550-person music pavilion that will feature weekly musical performances with an emphasis on highlighting Indianapolis-based artists. Guests can also enjoy a signature menu of locally-inspired food and drink options, including smash burgers, Neapolitan-style pizzas and beer taps at every bar. Visitors can visit the music venue without having to purchase a golf bay. Guests can expect to see live performances at the Music Pavilion at Back 9 on a weekly basis, and monthly schedules are available on Back9’s social media pages.

Guests have a chance to see a live performance Friday night by Toy Factory. There will also be giveaways and raffles to celebrate the grand opening of the space.

Back 9 is powered by global golf entertainment company Flite Golf, which offers an extensive suite of superior golf technology to enhance the user experience. The technology allows Back 9 to push the boundaries of traditional golf simulations and provide a superior facility to enhance downtown entertainment options.

Reserve your bay for this weekend at: 317-912-0920.