Glendale Town Center nears completion of latest transition; ‘We’re really excited to see what happens’


INDIANAPOLIS — The area of Glendale Town Center has transformed a few times in recent memory, most recently the former mall was partially torn down to make way for other shopping options.

As of Sept. 22, the area has transformed again, the building which once housed Macy’s has been refitted to hold four smaller businesses and the once vacant parking lot is now home to a 267-unit apartment complex. 

“It’s a historic landmark in Indianapolis and with this latest transformation it really shows how great real estate evolves to meet the needs of the community,” KITE Realty Group SVP, Marketing & Communications Specialist Bryan McCarthy said. “What we see at Glendale today is the result of a great private and public partnership with the vision of a lot of groups involved coming together and working as a team.”

If teamwork makes the dream work… then McCarthy’s dream just came true. 

“Initially, Glendale was Indianapolis’s first – traditional mall… and then years ago with, to make way for Target and others, went through a major transformation and conversion into an open-air shopping center,” McCarthy said. “We converted an underutilized parking field… that was really just stagnant land… into a new and shining and active and exciting community.”

But not without the help of the community that has already called this area home for years. 

Neighbors, only feet away from the development had raised concerns in the past with all the activity so close to home, McCarthy says those concerns were addressed.

“That has been a great process and the community was very involved and when I say neighbors, truly neighbors, of the development area,” McCarthy said. “The community had great feedback. We were able to incorporate a lot of their wants and needs into the development.”

Like a turning lane near the busy intersection of North Rural Street and Kessler Boulevard, a bicycle lane along Rural Street, and a pocket park nearby.

“I think we made a lot of changes for the betterment of this project along the course of the way with their input,” Milhaus Vice President of Development Brad Vogelsmeier said. “They brought to light… items we may not have recognized.”

Vogelsmeier is excited for the possibilities the 267-unit complex holds for the community at large after so much transition in the past nearby. 

“Five, 10, 15-years ago, all this place has ever been is a service parking lot. So here we are, 36 months later and we’ve got 267 apartments here,” Vogelsmeier said. “About 50% of them are already full and we’re not even complete with construction yet so we’ve already got 100 new folks living in this community. The new retail’s just opening up so we’re really excited to see what happens this fall.”

The apartments at AYR were first available for prelease in June but have been fully available for some time. 

The Old Navy and Ross stores that partially occupy the former Macys building opened for business Wednesday, Sept. 22

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