Girlfriend dismayed as Jason Brown faces murder charge for Southport officer’s death

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – In the last photograph taken of Southport Police Lieutenant Aaron Allan, he was escorting his young son to the bus stop on his first day of school.

In uniform, it appears Allan is wearing a bullet resistant Kevlar vest under his Southport Police shirt.

Later that day, the lawman was mortally wounded as he attempted to crawl inside an overturned car to rescue the driver who had crashed into a front yard along Madison Avenue near Maynard Street in Homecroft.

Investigators have charged Jason Brown, 28, in the killing.

In a court document, detectives wrote that one of the bullets Brown allegedly fired that day in the minutes after the crash apparently found its way past the gap in Allan’s vest and wounded the officer in the heart.

Other responding officers shot Brown three times and then removed him from the car.

Hours later, Allan was pronounced dead of 11 gunshot wounds.

Brown is still recovering from his injuries, one of them a bullet wound to the face, and as a result, Tuesday’s initial hearing was delayed two days even though prosecutors released the Probable Cause Affidavit listing the murder and marijuana charges against the Indianapolis tattoo artist.

The girlfriend, who was with Brown in the minutes before the high-speed crash that wrecked his car and led to the fatal shooting of a policeman and father, remains dismayed.

“I don’t know how to explain it. I still can’t believe it is happening,” said Brittany Powell, an Ohio woman who had traveled to Indianapolis the day before to spend time with Brown. “He was happy as could be that day.”

Powell said after a late night on Wednesday, the couple was still in bed early last Thursday afternoon when Brown got a phone call.

“(The friend) was at the gas station called Buck’s and I don’t know exactly what he was doing but Jason and I both needed cigarettes so he was gonna…pick up his buddy cuz his buddy, I think, was coming over actually.

“He told me like, ‘I’ll be right back, babe,’ gave me a big hug, kiss, smile really big, actually told me I was beautiful when he was walking out the door and said he would be back in less than five minutes.”

Powell estimated Brown left his house no later than 2:10 p.m. to drive to Buck’s Market at Meridian and Troy Avenue several blocks north of his location where the girlfriend was told he would meet his friend.

Instead, after the crash, Brown’s passenger told police he was picked up at the Country Club Apartments just off the intersection of Troy and Madison Avenue, less than two blocks away from the market.

By 2:40 p.m., approximately a half-hour after her boyfriend left for an errand that Powell thought should have lasted, “less than five minutes,” Brown’s car hurled over oncoming traffic in the northbound lanes of Madison Avenue and came to rest on its roof.

The Probable Cause Affidavit quoted witnesses who said they saw Brown, trapped and dangling inside his car, withdraw a gun from his back and fire at near point-blank range into Allan who had attempted to crawl into the inverted vehicle to comfort the “hysterical” driver.

Back at Brown’s house, Powell thought her new boyfriend had bailed after he didn’t return.

“Honestly I thought I got stood up if you want to know the truth,” Powell said as she prepared to pack her bags and return to Ohio until one of Brown’s friends told her there had been an accident.

“They’re saying there was a cop that was shot and they’re linking Jason to it.”

Powell said she thought, “There’s no way.”

Police found 13 bindles of marijuana packaged for sale in Brown’s car and charged him with misdemeanor drug possession as well as the murder count.

Powell and Brown’s friends said they never knew him to be more than a recreational marijuana smoker and not a dealer, drinker or user of other drugs.

Family members have provided CBS4 with text messages from mutual friends of Brown and his passenger that claim the marijuana did not belong to the driver.

The passenger told CBS4 he was not aware of the presence of drugs in the car or of Brown’s gun which was discovered with an empty magazine in the vehicle, though IMPD investigators reported that the 20-year-old man admitted to them he knew the driver had a weapon.

The friend, who has complained in social media messages about injuries sustained in the crash and CBS4’s inquiry, also denied knowledge of Brown’s motivation to speed southbound on Madison Avenue, driving away from the vicinity of the home where his girlfriend waited, and erratically evade vehicles until striking a median and becoming airborne.

Another family member said Brown owned three nine millimeter pistols.

Powell said she was aware he was armed.

“I did see him with one before, yes,” she said, “but I wasn’t really aware that he would carry it around. I thought he would have it for protection honestly.”

Powell said she didn’t know why Brown would need to carry a gun for protection.

Though she is the last person, aside from the passenger, known to have spoken with Brown before the crash and shooting, Powell said she has not yet been contacted by investigators to ask for her insight into the accused killer’s actions and mindset in the last minutes in advance of the unexplained tragedy.

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