Girl sees Indianapolis officer pumping gas, provides ‘backup’

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (September 6, 2015) – An IMPD Facebook post is going viral after a girl provided “backup” to an officer pumping gas.

IMPD Officer Keedy was getting fuel on Emerson Avenue when a girl and her mother stopped him.

According to Officer Keedy, they told him how much they appreciated what police officers do and that the work of officers does not go unnoticed.

The girl then told Officer Keedy that she was going to wait with him while he fueled up so no “bad guys” snuck up on him.

She also handed Officer Keedy a snack for the night.

“It’s because of families like this I go to work every night! And no matter if you hate me or not, you call and need help, I’ll still give my life protecting you. Fight the good fight sheepdogs, families like this want us around!” said Officer Keedy.

Officer Keedy’s wife, Lisa, also said, “Love seeing the community reaching out to police officers in a positive way. At a time when there is much negativity against law enforcement, it is really appreciated to see people who still care about them. Thanks to the little girl and her family for being kind to my officer.”

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