Girl Scout, 9, and her mother talk about shooting

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Feb. 4, 2015) – A 9-year-old girl is recovering after being shot by a stray bullet Tuesday in front of her home on the North side.

Sinai Miller, 9, was walking outside with her sisters to sell Girl Scout cookies on Tuesday evening when she was shot in the leg. She was taken to the hospital and released Tuesday night. “I heard three gunshots and then one of them hit me in the leg,” Sinai says.

She’s back at home and resting with her family. She has a dressing on her left leg to cover the bullet wound. She says it doesn’t hurt much now, but it did when she was shot.

“She came in screaming ‘mommy mommy. It hurt. It hurt.’ And I’m like what hurt? What’s wrong. So when I pulled her pant leg up, that’s when I discovered she was shot,” says Sinai’s mother, Shanita Miller.

“She’s brave. She’s very brave,” Shanita says of her daughter. Sinai can’t walk on her own yet, but is excited to get back out and sell Girl Scout cookies.

The family is hoping for justice.

“So that won’t happen to someone else’s child so they won’t experience the hurt and pain that not only me but my child, experienced,” says Shanita.

Police are still looking for who pulled the trigger. Witnesses told them someone driving a blue Ford Expedition fired shots in the direction of men standing outside the Retreat Cooperative apartments near Westlane and Michigan Roads. One bullet hit Sinai in the leg and another hit an apartment building door.

Sinai’s Girl Scout Troop leader brought her get well presents from her troop. You can help Sinai sell Girl Scout Cookies or send her a letter by clicking here.

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