FISHERS, Ind. — Green recycling bins are lined up and down the streets of the Weatherstone neighborhood near the Geist Reservoir, most of which haven’t been emptied in over a month.

“I have personally called 14 times,” said Kate Anderson. “I have tickets, I have talked to three different supervisors.”

Anderson is one of the dozens of neighbors waiting for their recycling to be picked up.

The green recycling bins hanging out at the end of the curbs all say “Ray’s” on the side, but they’re now owned by Waste Management. WM bought longtime provider Ray’s in 2022. FOX59/CBS4 began hearing complaints from WM customers as early as December 2022.

”Waste Management, when you call them, they talk all about sustainability and clearly they don’t care that much if it’s been sitting here for a month,” Anderson said.

Trash has been consistently picked up, but not recycling. She’s gotten to the point where she is considering switching services.

“I’ve reached out to Republic, actually, to tell them what’s going on and I’m not the first person to call them,” Anderson said.

Multiple times Waste Management has told her a truck would be picking up her recycling within 48 hours, but so far that has not happened.

Neighbor Philip Bader called FOX59 after another unsuccessful pickup day Tuesday.

“Head scratcher, nobody really knows what’s going on,” Bader said.

Bader has called several times himself but said nothing has ever come of anything.

”When you do get a response it’s something very generic and there’s no follow through,” Bader said. “They have my contact information and I’ve never been contacted.”

The annoyance went to another level a few weeks ago. Anderson said multiple times high winds have spilled trash cans and sent recycling flying around the neighborhood.

”My trash was just like in the middle of the street, in my neighbors’ lawns,” Anderson said. “So in the rain, picking up trash, putting it into the bin.”

Bader found recyclables piling up against his back fence after being blown off the streets.

“I’m sure everyone spent a lot of time cleaning up after themselves but it’s been a mess,” Bader said.

Back in January, a Waste Management spokesperson told us customers should expect full integration into the WM suite of customer communications in early February – and an improvement in service.

Three weeks into the month, Anderson said she just now got an account and only because she called and asked. Other neighbors said they have not been able to set up an account.

Waste Management did not agree to an interview but sent a statement Tuesday saying it’s still in the process of integrating customers and they should expect services to improve as they go along:

As part of the Ray’s Trash Service transition, WM has made it a priority to focus on streamlining operations, equipment, technology, and service – to keep safety at the forefront of all that we do, in addition to cultivating a people-first culture.

Every acquisition looks different, with various and expected challenges to overcome – based on the location, the size of the company, the number of employees, the number of assets, operating protocol, safety standards, company culture, etc. While WM works to streamline and integrate operations quickly, we make safety a core value without compromise, and work to ensure that all operating protocol, including employee safety and assets (trucks, etc.) exceed industry safety standards. 

This month, WM is working diligently to welcome Ray’s Trash Customers into the WM suite of customer communications and implementing WM technology in collection trucks across the greater Indianapolis area. This began in early February and will continue to be processed over the coming weeks. During this time, our customers can continue to expect an improvement in service and customer communications – and while WM works to mitigate every challenge during this time, we keep safety at the forefront as we service our local communities. 

Waste Management

“Sounds like all the excuses are poor due diligence on their part,” Bader said.

He’s tired of waiting and wants WM to make things right.

“A good first step would be picking up the recycling for the neighborhood,” Bader said.

We reached out to the City of Fishers about the recycling pick up issue. A spokesperson said they are aware of the issues but there is nothing the city can do. Trash companies are not required to have a business permit to operate in the city. For any residents looking for local waste resources, the spokesperson directed us to the city website.