INDIANAPOLIS — The owner of a large home in the 9000 block of Fall Creek Road who ran afoul of his neighbors turning his property over to a party promoter earlier this month says “There is no party race weekend.”

A Facebook post by a promoter promised a “Race Day Pool Party” at the home in the Geist area, complete with alcohol and a wet t-shirt contest.

The property of former Purdue and NBA player A.J. Hammons has also been the scene of two shootings in the last month, the most recent one leaving a woman wounded Sunday morning.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department reports it is still investigating that shooting.

An IMPD Nuisance Abatement detective visited Hammons on Sunday to inform him his home wasn’t zoned for commercial events and the City Prosecutor was in the process of filing a zoning violation against the property.

Should the parties, which are attracting well over 100 people and almost as many cars to the neighborhood, continue, an injunction could be filed.

A man who fears retaliation told FOX59/CBS4 that the neighbors have tried to be welcoming despite the disruptions and danger the presence of the party house has brought to their community.

“Two weeks ago we had a shooting. Illegal activities such as parties, it like an events center. We’re a neighborhood. We’re not zoned for that,” he said. “We’re all for a nice party, open houses, that time of year, but, this is bringing in large numbers of people and they’re making large numbers of money illegally, bringing that element into our neighborhood and now we have spillover we’re fearful off from last week’s party and here within a week we have a shooting and it’s the second shooting from this location that we’re even aware of.”

The neighbors have organized and are planning a meeting with city officials to curb the boisterous and dangerous activity brought on by the biggest house on the block.

Social media postings by a promoter advertised admissions to “Mansion II” pool parties ranging from $20-750 with VIPs paying for liquor, food and poolside seating.

State Excise Police have opened an inquiry and the Marion County Public Health Department is weighing in on the Alcohol Tobacco Commission and IMPD investigations which are continuing.

Neighbors have given FOX59/CBS4 security camera video that recorded more than a dozen gunshots accompanied by screaming and speeding cars the weekends of April 29 and May 21.

Residents surveyed bullet damage in their homes and to their vehicles Sunday.

Shattered car window glass sparkled on the asphalt outside of Hammons’ home.

During a brief interview on Sunday, Hammons said he was unaware of neighbors’ complaints about loud parties and gunfire at his home, which is tied up in foreclosure and bankruptcy proceedings.

Besides the gunfire, residents said they observed lewd behavior, profane music and crowded residential streets during the events.

“They’re not expert marksmen. God knows what house or what child might get hit by that bullet,” said one parent. “The decibel level from last week’s party, you were blocks and blocks away and it was like you were right next door.”