Gallery Pastry Shop serves European-inspired pastries made with local ingredients in South Broad Ripple

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - Look no further than the Gallery Pastry Shop for European-inspired pastries made with local ingredients made right here in central Indiana!

You'll find the foodie spot tucked away off 54th Street in Indianapolis in the South Broad Ripple (SO BRO) neighborhood.

"It is very chill. It is somewhere we want you to feel comfortable in a chair and not feel rushed to get out of here," explains co-owner Alison Keefer from the Gallery Pastry Shop.

With an open-air concept, the Gallery Pastry Shop reminds Hoosiers on a side cafe on a cobblestone street in Paris.

"We thought we would bring a different touch here," says Keefer.

Pastry Chef and co-owner Ben Hardy is classically trained to created these European-style pastries.

"It has a little more flavor and incorporates more technique and decoration," says Hardy.

Chef Ben invites you to sit down right in front of him while he works!

"If you come up to the bar and we are in the middle of production, I will go through the recipe so you can understand.  Our goal is to create an area that is less pretentious," adds Hardy.

4 Things You Need to Know about the Gallery Pastry Shop in SOBRO

  • Yelpers love the shop’s French countryside meets city side street style - complete with a patio, side garden and large communal tables.
  • Yelp tip: don’t leave without ordering an éclair and macaroon. The éclair menu changes daily with creative flavors like lemon blueberry.
  • In addition to pastry items, you’ll find a menu of fresh juice mimosas, beer, wine and crepes.
  • Yelp reviews note that customers can watch an artist in his element as Chef Ben works away in the kitchen creating almost too-pretty-to-eat desserts, bringing to life the “Gallery” in the shop’s name.

From Cake Baking 1010 to a casual stop during the week, Brittany Smith from Yelp Indy says Yelpers love these pastries.

"Yelpers love finding hands on experiences. This is a great example. Here you can come throughout the month they offer multiple classes, from sugar work, to making eclairs and making macaroons. One of the top things that stands out in the Yelp reviews is the éclairs. They are changing their menu daily, so you will see lemon blueberry éclair with fresh blueberry composition or a more classic with chocolate with a cream filling. Come every day and find a different menu," says Smith.

Another customer favorite is the chocolate pillow. It's a flour-less chocolate cake topped with hazelnut crunch and chocolate mousse - pair the chocolate pillow with a glass of champagne for a decadent dessert!

"It’s one of those places you want to take photo of your food and hang out for a while," adds Smith.

The Gallery Pastry Shop supports local vendors like Bee Coffee Roasters, Simplicity Juices and Sun King Brewing Company. They now serve brunch on Sundays.

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