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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Friends and love ones of the Indiana family killed in a duck boat accident in Missouri are still in shock over this entire tragedy.

The family’s pastor, Suffragan Bishop Thomas Griffin, said most of those who died had a very close connection to their church family at Zion Tabernacle Apostolic Church.

One family member said this experience has been like living a nightmare.

“I feel like I have awaken from a dream,” said Carolyn Tharpe-Coleman, a sister-in-law to one of those who died, “a bad dream.”

Seventeen people in all were killed. Eleven people on the boat were from that single family in Indianapolis, none of whom have been named yet. Of those eleven, nine died including three children.

“They were close, they all lived in Indianapolis,” said Tharpe-Coleman, “even the brothers were close. Next weekend they were going to their school reunion.”

Their church family is also grieving.

“We have been, as a church family, touched by this; therefore, as an Indianapolis community we’ve been touched by this tragedy,” said Griffith.

“As a church family we are struggling with this situation and as a family they’re dealing with it,” said Griffith.

Federal investigators are working the case in Branson, Missouri. Questions remain as to why the boat capsized and how much that storm played a role. Pastor Griffith said he’s been in touch with some of family’s survivors, offering words of hope to a family now broken.

“I shared with them that we as a church family were praying for them and they had a lot of people here in Indianapolis that we’re praying for them,” said Griffith.