Four baby goats, baby kangaroo stolen from Wisconsin zoo

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GREENVILLE, Wisc. (May 10, 2015) – Four baby goats and a baby kangaroo were stolen from a zoo in Wisconsin this week.

According to WBAY, the baby kangaroo, called a joey, and the goats had been living at a winter holding facility which is a large, insulated shed. The facility is less than ten miles from the zoo.

The babies were bottle fed Tuesday night, but when zoo workers went to the shed Wednesday to move the animals to the zoo, the five baby animals were gone and the facility was not locked.

Donna Wheeler, owner of the Special Memories Zoo, told WBAY, “Whoever took [the joey] pulled it out of the mother’s pouch.”

Zoo officials say that the joey needs to stay with its mother for the first year of life. The stolen joey is only 5 months old.

Zoo worker Gretchen Crowe told WBAY, “They need correct care. The baby kangaroo unless it’s being hand raised it needs mom. They need the correct formula. They need the correct care. The goats are being bottle feed. They’re not old enough to be on their own.”

As of Sunday, investigators don’t have any leads on the missing baby animals, and zoo officials aren’t sure about the motives behind the theft.

“If you took them just bring them back. I mean our main concern is the animals. We just want them to be healthy. We want them back where they belong,” said Crowe, adding “That’s our main concern is just the health and welfare of these animals.”

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