Fortville man accused of raping, molesting young girl


Dennis Mickow (Photo//Madison County Jail)

FORTVILLE, Ind. – A 64-year-old man faces a child molestation charge after a victim says he raped and molested her as a child.

The victim told a child advocate that, “I was raped and molested when I was little.” She went on to detail the abuse by Dennis Mickow, a friend of her family.

Court documents state that the victim went to Mickow’s home when she was in first and second grade to help clean. While she was at his house, she said Mickow would get “handsy” with her, progressing to him molesting her on several occasions.

One time, the court document states Mickow told the victim that he got a gift for her. He took her to his bedroom before raping her.

“It felt like my life just shattered,” the victim told the child advocate.

The victim also said Mickow walked in on her while she was in the shower at his house. The court document says she told the advocate Mickow dropped his pants in front of her and said “It’s okay, we are in our birthday suits.”

The victim’s uncle said Mickow would walk into the bathroom while the victim or her friend was in the shower on a couple of different times to bring them towels. The uncle said one of the victim’s friends refused to go back to his house again with her after that.

The uncle said the victim would go with him to Mickow’s home to do small jobs while he was working on other things around the home. The document states he told police that he thought Dennis’ behavior towards young girls was odd, saying he was “too grabby, huggy and it kind of creeped me out a little bit.”

The uncle also said Mickow seemed to talk about young children a lot, including saying “she’s got a nice body on her,” referring to children under 16 years old.

The last time the victim remembers seeing Mickow was in fourth grade, when the document states she says Mickow offered her $20 to pull her shirt up.

Mickow confirmed to police that the victim’s uncle was his handyman and he would sometimes bring the victim. However, the document states he denied ever going into the bathroom with the victim and her friends. He also denied being naked with the victim or trying to have sex with her.

Mickow faces four charges of child molesting. He pleaded not guilty during his initial hearing on January 3. A pre-trial conference is set for January 23.

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