BOONE COUNTY, Ind. — A former Lebanon police officer was arrested after being charged with criminal misconduct. 28-year-old Nicholas R. Reynolds was booked into the Boone County jail before bonding out Wednesday.

Court documents show the Lebanon Police Department was served an arrest warrant on May 3 off Ball Avenue for Shane Andrew Roberts. Officers say they witnessed a gray Chevy Trailblazer that may have belonged to Roberts and followed it to a nearby gas station.

They made contact with the vehicle and determined it was driven by Robert’s girlfriend Destiny Twitty. Officers asked if Roberts was home and if they could search the property. Twitty gave them permission and stated another man was at the home but Roberts was not.

After arriving at the home officers entered the residence to begin their search. Lieutenant Ryan Williamson noticed an attic opening with a table underneath. Williamson advised LPD Officer Nicholas R. Reynolds to check and clear the attic. Reynolds went into the space and was unable to locate Roberts. He was the only one to go into the attic and told Williamson that he “might’ve knocked wires down in the attic area”.

Investigators say that later in the day after leaving for other service calls in Lebanon Lt. Williamson received a phone call from another officer in the department stating Shane Andrew Roberts wanted to turn himself in for the issued arrest warrant. Roberts advised that he knew LPD had been in his home because he viewed his security camera system. He stated being upset that someone “cut camera wires at his residence”.

lt. Williams says he then called Officer Reynolds and asked if he cut any wires while up in the attic. Reynolds stated he had not cut any wires.

According to court documents investigators say Roberts shared that he saw officers at his home via surveillance. He then watched as an officer went into the attic area and then his camera system, “lost power and went blank”. He then stated he left work to see why his cameras went offline and found five different wires connected to the cameras cut. He then went to turn himself into the Boone County Jail.

Investigators then reviewed bodycam footage from Officer Reynolds while in the attic. The footage from the report showed Reynolds holster his gun, bend down into a corner to grab a wire and then it goes dark. The report says Reynolds then whispers “f*** you”. Officer Reynolds was seen with scissors in his hand stating that they kept falling out of his vest. Reynolds was also seen stating to Lt. Williamson, “I may have loosened some wires up there.”

Court documents also show during the investigation it was discovered Officer Reynolds changed the classification of the body-worn camera footage of the incident from “warrant service” to “training” on May 3, this will cause footage to be deleted from the server much sooner. Videos classified as “warrant service” stay in three years versus “training” at three days. Officer Reynolds also logged in to the system on May 7 and attempted to view the now-deleted footage.

The detective in charge of investigating the incident learned that Reynolds was no longer an employee of the Lebanon Police Department as of May 18. In a final interview Reynolds admitted to cutting one wire while crawling through the attic but stated the “f*** you” remark had nothing to do with the wires. He added it was due to the fact there was poop on the floor he was crawling through. He also stated he only cut one wire, failed to notify the supervisor, and reclassified the bodycam video to training.

Reynolds has been charged with 3 counts; official misconduct which is a Level 6 Felony, obstruction of justice which is another Level 6 Felony and criminal mischief which is a Class B Misdemeanor.

No initial court hearing has been set as of Wednesday afternoon.