GREENFIELD, Ind. – Parents and students at Greenfield-Central High School have questions after a former student snuck into the building and broadcast the entire thing on her Instagram page.

The caption of the video was ‘Greenfield has no security’ and after the student was caught roaming the halls by an School Resource Officer, She says to the camera, “I could have shot that school up.”

“I can’t even get into the building, and my son attends there, so having others do this is not acceptable,” said parent, Gwen Davis.

It has been more than 48 hours since the former student snuck into the school claiming she was there to get a transcript, but the school still doesn’t know how she got in.

“You hear it a lot, a perfect storm,” said Superintendent of Greenfield-Central Schools, Dr. Harold Olin.

Dr. Olin says there are three main points where people enter the school. He says adults are at all three entrances monitoring who comes into the building, but that morning, there was an award ceremony, and fewer eyes were on the door than usual.

“It is very scary. It is not as secure as it should be,” said Davis.

Davis has a junior at Greenfield-Central High School. She is one of many parents with questions…

” It definitely would be a good idea to have an increase in security measures,” said David.

Olin says the school has numerous security measures in place.

“There is that question on why we didn’t send something out. We didn’t know that it had gotten to that point where it was being recorded,” said Olin.

“Every  teacher has a cellphone, which has a panic alert app and will go to the Greenfield Police, hancock county 9-1-1 center.”

The video, more than 11 minutes long, has several derogatory comments about faculty and staff.

“We are examining how that happened and what we can do to make sure it doesn’t happen again,” said Olin.

Greenfield Police say that the former student was arrested after entering the school for a separate incident at a local business.

She now has a no-trespass warrant for the school. As for any formal charges in this incident, the investigation is ongoing.