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PERU, Ind. — A former FBI agent said investigators looking in to the murders of Abby Williams and Libby German are likely taking their time to make sure they have everything right before making an arrest.

Transcripts obtained by CBS4 have revealed that those investigators have their eyes on Tony Kline, the father of Kegan Kline who is facing numerous charges in a child pornography case.

Court filings show Kegan used a social media account by the name “anthony_shots” to solicit images of underage girls. The transcripts reveal that the account was messaging with Libby German, including on the day the girls were murdered.

In the transcript, a trooper confronts Kegan Kline saying that Anthony Shots was supposed to meet Libby on the Delphi High Bridge the day she was killed.

That transcript also reveals that investigators believe two people were using the account. In an interview with HLN, Kegan said his father had access to the anthony_shots account.

Kline also told HLN that Indiana State Police reportedly told him “they knew it was my dad” that killed Abby and Libby.

“I think they are taking their time because they don’t want any mistakes,” former FBI agent Kathy Guider said.

Guider served as an FBI agent for more than twenty years. She said despite the fact that many signs are pointing to Kegan’s father, investigators have to make sure they have no holes in their case.

“I think they are taking their time because they don’t want any mistakes,” Guider said. “They are going to make sure that all their ducks are in a row.”

CBS4 went to the home where Tony Kline lives in Peru. Kegan was also staying at the home with his father in 2017. The home was raided 12 days after the girls were murdered as part of the child pornography investigation.

Nobody answered the door. Neighbors said they were shocked to hear that he was on the radar of the Delphi investigators.

“I’m literally sick to my stomach right now I’m literally sick,” Calista Shotts said.

During that raid of the Kline home, multiple devices were seized. Guider, the former FBI agent, said the amount of electronics and social media involved in this investigation could slow down investigators.

“Social media sites are going to require subpoenas and you’re going to have to be very specific on the date and time, the user name, the type of content you’re looking for,” Guider explained “If their is a shared computer in a house or a laptop that shared you’ve got to be able to say with certainty this person used it this date we know this because A, B and C.”

Neither Kegan nor his father Tony have been charged in the Delphi murders. Guider said people need to remain patient and she hopes that investigators are starting to close in.

“I have no doubt state police, FBI., county sheriff’s department they are all still working they are working hard it just takes time,” Guider said. “You don’t want them to rush this. You don’t want anything to go wrong.”

The Indiana State Police issued a statement to CBS4 stating they want to make it clear they did not release this information. “This is an ongoing investigation, and out of respect for that, the ISP decline to comment at this time.”

Indiana State Police investigators continue to seek additional tips and urge citizens to call the Indiana State Police if they have information on this case.