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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– Former Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) Deputy Chief Chris Bailey, who left the department to become Police Chief for the Asheville, N.C. Police Department, resigned from his post.

Asheville police say Bailey resigned for “personal reasons which need his attention.” His last day will be on Sept. 27.

“I appreciate the opportunity and confidence the City Manager and selection committee had in me to lead the great women and men of the Asheville Police Department,” said Chief Bailey. “I cannot say enough great things about my experience here. The support I have received from the police department, city management and community has been incredible. It has been heartbreaking for me to come to this decision after being embraced by so many.”

City Manager Debra Campbell acknowledges this is disappointing news for the community of Asheville.

“While this news is unfortunate, we continue to be committed  to hiring a police chief who demonstrates the ability to meaningfully connect with the community and fellow police officers,” Campbell said. “I hate to see Chris go but I respect his decision.”

A new Asheville police chief is anticipated to start in January 2020.

The city issued this statement regarding social media rumors:

“The City is aware of the circulation of information regarding charges against Chief Bailey. Chief Bailey was involved in an incident that resulted in a misdemeanor. This information was voluntarily shared by the chief at the beginning of the interview process and is in no way related to his decision to resign. The incident took place 15 years ago and was not associated with his service as a police officer. Chief Bailey has had an exemplary record in his service as a law enforcement officer.”

IMPD said in a statement that Bailey is still an employee:

“At this time, we can confirm that he is still an employee of IMPD and will be returning at his merit rank of captain at the beginning of next month.”