Former correctional worker arrested for sexual misconduct with community corrections participant


JOHNSON COUNTY, Ind. — Police arrested a former employee of the Johnson County Community Corrections Department Wednesday following an investigation alleging he was involved in a participant in the program.

The Johnson County Sheriff’s Office said Evan Hill faces charges of official misconduct and sexual misconduct resulting from the investigation. The department said the charges stem from a relationship he was in while working as a field officer who checked in on people either on house arrest or work release.

The investigation alleges that Hill was in a sexual relationship with a woman he was supervising. While the evidence points to the relationship as consensual, it became an issue because of the dynamic of the relationship between the two.

A court document also reveals the misconduct involved the tampering of an ordered drug screen. One of Hill’s former coworkers told police that Hill ordered them to dump the woman’s sample for a drug screen if it came up positive.

The woman involved in the relationship told police that they started flirting in January, and it progressed from there. The court document states that she told investigators that she stopped communicating with him in July because she “started to get a bad feeling about Hill.”

The woman told investigators that she felt the relationship was inappropriate and that Hill would use his position to get her in more trouble if she stopped their relationship.

Hill told investigators that the relationship was consensual. However, the court document states that he denied ordering the drug screen sample to be dumped.

The Sheriff’s Office explained the charges, saying sexual misconduct is a crime which prohibits an individual who supervises another individual under a lawful supervision from engaging in sexual acts or conduct with that person. Official misconduct is a crime which penalizes an individual who commits a crime, but does it in an official capacity.

The Johnson County Sheriff’s Office will not in any way allow an employee of Johnson County to conduct themselves in a manner that violates State Law. We conducted this investigation in a timely manner working with the victim and her attorney. As the Sheriff of Johnson County I can assure that members of the Sheriff’s Office will conduct themselves professionally and ethically. If one of our employees chooses to take a different path and violate the law, there will be consequences for their actions. The citizens of Johnson County deserve the best and that is what we work diligently to provide.

Sheriff Duane Burgess

The prosecutor said law enforcement officers are held to a higher code of conduct and that they look forward to presenting evidence that will demonstrate why they believe Hill’s alleged conduct fell below what is expected. However, he encouraged people not to let this diminish their opinions about law enforcement officers.

I encourage the citizens of Johnson County not to let these singular allegations tarnish opinions about the rest of our law enforcement community who work diligently to serve and protect our community daily, and risk their own safety in doing so.

Johnson County Prosecutor Joe Villanueva

Hill was being held in the Johnson County Jail Wednesday on a $4,000 surety and $400 cash bond.

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