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KOKOMO, Ind. – A former correctional officer faces charges after hitting protesters with her truck and leaving the scene, Kokomo police say.

Christa Redman, 32, is charged with leaving the scene of an accident, disorderly conduct and criminal recklessness, according to court documents filed in Howard County this week. The criminal recklessness charge is a felony while the other two charges are misdemeanors.

Redman is accused of driving her vehicle into a group of protesters at the intersection of Superior Street and Washington Street on Saturday, May 30. Redman turned herself in, police said.

Redman formerly worked as a correctional officer in Howard County. She resigned Sunday.

According to court documents, Redman was in a silver Dodge pickup truck as protesters were crossing at a crosswalk. A woman identified as Miranda Ogle said she positioned herself between the truck and protesters to protect them.

Ogle told police the driver of the pickup honked at her because she wanted her to move; Ogle responded that she wouldn’t move until everyone had made it safely across the street. Redman, who was driving the pickup, then “advanced towards her and struck her in the front chest area with the front bumper,” according to court documents.

A second woman, identified as Deza’rae in court documents, was also tended to by paramedics at the scene. She said she was standing in the crosswalk on Washington Street when the truck started to come forward and hit her. She told police she grabbed the passenger side window to break her fall, causing it to break.

The women couldn’t identify the driver, but police found the truck in question at the intersection of Armstrong Street and King Street. Bystanders captured video of the encounter, which showed Redman’s truck going around several cars that had stopped for the protesters before driving through them.

During questioning, Redman told police she’d been involved in an altercation on Washington Street, where the crowd had stopped. She said the crowd was “yelling and screaming at her and her children.” She also said someone grabbed her front passenger mirror and shattered it, according to court documents.