ANDERSON, Ind. — Former Deputy County Clerk, Curtina Johnson, was fined $10,000 with 8 percent interest on Friday by Judge Mark Dudley for leaking information about the existence of a search warrant before it was made public, according to the Madison County Prosecutor’s Office.

The Indiana State Police and FBI conducted an investigation into the leak of the information, that was required to remain confidential by Indiana’s Access to Court Records Rules.

The investigation revealed that the leak came from Johnson, who was aware that her daughter knew the person of interest. According to the Madison County Prosecutors Office, Johnson said to her daughter, “there’s a search warrant gonna happen soon. Stay away from him…” Johnsons daughter then immediately told the target about the search warrant.

Upon completion of the investigation, Madison County Clerk Linda Smith fired Johnson.

“Regardless of her motivation for leaking the information, Johnson’s actions put law enforcement in danger,” said Chief Deputy Prosecutor Andre Hanna. “We take the safety of law enforcement very seriously and we will hold anyone accountable who jeopardizes that.”

The story stems from August 2021, when Judge David Happe granted the Hamilton County Drug Task Force’s request for search warrant for a property in Anderson. However, prior to the search warrant being served, law enforcement learned that the person at the center of the investigation was aware of the existence of the search warrant. Citing safety concerns, law enforcement declined to serve the search warrant at that time.

A second search warrant was later served on the targets home and he was charged in federal court with crimes that included: felon in possession of a firearm and several counts of possession with into to distribute various narcotics.