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BROWN COUNTY, Ind. – A former faculty advisor for Brown County Schools resigned over a controversial caption.

That’s according to Dr. Laura Hammack, the superintendent of Brown County Schools. Hammack apologized earlier month after a student was listed as “Black Guy” instead of by his name in the yearbook.

The advisor, Dr. Greg Mosley, was removed from the role and suspended without pay last week. The district confirmed his resignation in a statement.

From the superintendent:

“Dr. Greg Mosley, the former yearbook advisor for Brown County High School, has resigned from his employment with Brown County Schools.  While the incident involving our student and the ensuing process have been extraordinarily difficult, we hope it is clear that disrespectful acts and attitudes such as these are not tolerated.  I am extremely proud of both Brown County Schools and the larger Brown County community regarding how we have come together to affirm this is neither who we are nor who we want to be.  Moving forward, let’s please all work to overcome the unprecedented challenges we are facing to make this the best possible school year.”

Images from the yearbook showed the Black student was the only one who didn’t have his name listed in the Brown County High School yearbook.

Administrators previously said the caption was a “clear violation” of the district’s nondiscrimination policy and called the error “reprehensible.”