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BROWNSBURG, Ind. — Public safety officials, and hundreds of residents in Brownsburg, are calling for changes to be made to an intersection described as “dangerous.”

According to the Hendricks County Sheriff’s Office, deputies have responded to the intersection of State Road 267 and County Road 1000 North 38 times in the past five years. Two of those accidents resulted in deaths.

On Wednesday, first responders were called to the intersection for a multi-car accident. One juvenile was killed, another juvenile was injured, and a third individual was also injured in the crash.

Brownsburg Fire Territory public information officer Jim Miller says something needs to change.

“We have more crashes here than anywhere in the fire territory. I can tell you we’ve had 11 crashes here this year alone, which is the highest of any specific area in our territory,” Miller said.

Miller says both drivers and the intersections configuration share the blame for the accidents. A Brownsburg Fire Territory station is located a quarter mile from the intersection, but Miller adds that crews avoid using the intersection if they can.

“We take another route to go south we would never come this war. And that’s consistent across the board,” he said.

Dinah Matamoros knows the pain that can come from an accident at the intersection all too well.

“It killed my best friend, and it killed my son who was 15 months old at the time. And my surviving son was only given 48 hours to live,” Dinah said.

Dinah’s son survived but was left with a spinal cord injury and a traumatic brain injury.

“So here we are, another young person lost in an unnecessary car accident … it’s been so many years, and there’s  so much evidence. Change needs to be made, at least in honor of the people that lost their lives there,” she said.

A spokesperson for INDOT says the agency has received 780 reports of concern about the intersection.

In a statement the spokesperson wrote:

“INDOT completed a traffic study at the intersection of S.R. 267 and C.R. 1000 N in Brownsburg in September of this year.  It was determined after the study that this intersection does meet the criteria to install a traffic signal. INDOT will move forward with the process of getting this signal installed in a timely manner. Please note that signal installation typically takes at least one year to 18 months to go through the whole process of approval, design, and construction.

In the past INDOT has done several traffic studies at this intersection and prior to this last study the criteria for the installation of a traffic signal was not met.

Other measures were added to improve the safety of this intersection. In 2016, intersections Warning Signs, Oversized and supplemental Stops signs were installed with retro-reflective strips to the posts.

Spin alerts were added to the Stop signs and LED Blinker Stop signs were placed on C.R. 1000 N. as well.

Engineering is just one factor in promoting safe highways. Other factors include enforcement, education and emergency response.

INDOT would like to remind all drivers to continue to pay attention and obey all traffic control devices in place at intersections.

A spokesperson for the Hendricks County Sheriffs Office has also attributed many of the crashes at the intersection to driver error.