Flood victims cleaning up despite more rain on the horizon

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Many neighborhoods along the White River spent the weekend closely watching the water level. Rain storms late last week caused the river to overflow and flooded many nearby homes.

The flooding started on Friday and hit the Ravenswood neighborhood and the surrounding area hard. Homes along East 77th Street could not be accessed by car, and instead, homeowners had to park their car on top of a hill and then walk or canoe the rest of the way home.

That lasted through the weekend. The water level dipped enough by early Monday afternoon that everyone on the street was able to drive to and from their homes, but flooding issues remained inside and around the homes.

“The river crested around noon Saturday,” said Laura Gresk, who lives along 77th Street. “It got up to about 16 feet.”

Gresk said she was able to start cleaning up her home Saturday morning, thanks to some friends, but estimated it would take more than 24 hours to get things back to how they were before the rain fell. Water in her basement had climbed to well over four feet high, but by Monday afternoon it had dropped to approximately eight inches.

Down the street at Matt Wells’ house, cleanup was underway, too.

“We are going to probably have to replace a little dry wall and some trim here and there,” said Wells, who had not experienced flooding in the neighborhood in the ten months he’d lived in the home. “We did have some standing water in the house but overall it could have been a lot worse.”

While residents along the dead-end street stay busy recovering from the last several days of rain, they know they’re not completely in the clear yet, as more rain is expected as early as late Monday night.

“I think we are more prepared for the next one,” said Wells. “I don’t think it’ll be as bad as the last one – that was a lot of rain. Hopefully, it doesn’t string together like that again and we can catch a break.”

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