We’ll be flirting with record temperatures Tuesday afternoon. A few showers and thunderstorms passed through the area Tuesday morning. A few additional showers will be possible into the afternoon. Clouds are expected to decrease into the afternoon as temperatures shoot up into the upper 70s and lower 80s. The record for Indianapolis on this date is 80°. We have a shot at meeting that this afternoon. Along with the warmth, dew point temperatures will be rising as well. Expect it to feel more on the humid side this afternoon.

Severe weather is not “expected” this afternoon in central Indiana but it certainly can’t be ruled out. While dynamics for severe weather our very favorable in areas out west, like western Illinois and eastern Iowa, we may see a few storms pop this afternoon in central Indiana. The atmosphere will be highly capped, thus, greatly limiting the potential for severe weather. However, should we be able to overcome the cap, the atmosphere with be primed for rapid thunderstorm growth which may turn severe. Damaging winds, hail and tornadoes are all possible should something develop.

Our main severe weather threat in central Indiana will be on Wednesday. This is looking to develop in multiple waves of storms. There is a potential for a cluster of storms to be around during the morning hours around sunrise. These could reach severe levels with ALL threats possible but most favorable looking to be gusty winds and hail.

Another line comes in ahead of the front late in the morning ~10 AM through 2 PM. This will immediately be followed by the final wave along the front itself moving into our western counties around 2 PM. This final wave will move through into the late afternoon and evening before exiting completely ~7 PM.

This leaves us with a large severe weather window from 10 AM to 7 PM, plus the round of storms during the morning hours. All severe weather threats will be in play. That means damaging winds, hail and the potential for strong tornadoes. Be weather aware, make sure you know where to go should severe weather strike and have multiple ways to get alerts. We’ll continue to monitor and update the timing and threats of these storms as we get new data so be sure to continue to check back.