Fishers company launches social distancing tool to alert people if they’re too close


FISHERS, Ind. — There’s a Central Indiana company that’s created a high-tech social distancing tool. If you get closer than six feet from someone wearing the device, it lets you know you’re too close.

As restaurants are re-opening, factories are getting back to work and students could return to in-person classes in the fall, President of Advanced Industrial Marketing Rob Hruskoci says it’s time we get back to our day-to-day lives.

His company has found a way to step up in the fight against COVID-19.

“Up until March, no one really cared about people to people interaction,” said Hruskoci.

Before the pandemic, the Central Indiana company supplied manufacturing facilities with proximity detection for machines. Now, they believe it’s time people do the same. It launched a badge that if worn by everyone in the room, will alert you if you’ve violated social distancing.

“We programmed in a six-foot distance, so if two badges get within six feet of each other, they are going to vibrate very strongly and produce a very bright LED light that flashes,” said Hruskoci.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped how businesses operate around the globe. Manufacturing facilities, warehouses and meat packaging plants are conducting essential work, but it may be difficult to adjust to and maintain the six-foot CDC-recommended social distancing guidelines. The EGOpro Active Tag takes the guesswork out of social distancing.”

Advanced Industrial Marketing

Schools, museums, and trade show operators have contact Hruskoci to see how this could keep employees and visitors safe. Although the tags are currently wearable, his company is looking into how they can be used on shopping carts or self-guided tours at museums.

“We’ve heard from everything from a small Montessori school in Georgia, all the way up to the corporate headquarters of one of the most major corporations in America,” Hruskoci added.

The badges can store roughly 3,000 interactions. If a facility has exposure to COVID-19 the badge software can be used for contact tracing, using serial numbers.

“We’re very aware that privacy could be a concern,” said Hruskoci, “But that’s on the people who own it who are in charge of keeping the data with the person and the tag.”

For Hruskoci, he hopes this high-tech tool can streamline the social distancing, but most importantly keep everyone safe.

Along with the wearable tags, the company has created sensors that can be set in facility entrances, break rooms and bathrooms to maintain social distancing.

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