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(August 11, 2015) – A first responder in Minnesota is being charged with stealing money from two teens killed in a car accident.

Zachary Kvalvog, 18, and Connor Kvalvog, 14, were killed in a rollover crash on their way to a basketball camp in Wisconsin in June.

When the boys’ belongings were returned to their parents, their father Ray Kvalvog noticed money missing from both of their wallets. Ray says he gave both the boys money before they left for basketball camp.

Ray filed a report, and police began to question the personnel at the scene.

Tara Lindquist, 42, was an EMS who responded to the crash.

Lindquist confessed to stealing the money from the two Kvalvog brothers as well as two other teens injured in the crash.

The total amount she took was at least $200. Lindquist said she needed the money to pay her power bill.

Kathie Kvalvog, the boys’ mother, told WDAY, “And it doesn’t anger me at all. It bothers me that they were there to help my children. So did they? I don’t know. Could they have done something else other than worrying about how much money was in their wallets? And I guess we need to say this cannot happen. I don’t know if they could have done more. I don’t know.”

According to WDAY, Lindquist is charged with theft.