Firemen help Bargersville family with terminally ill son


BARGERSVILLE, Ind, — In Bargersville, Indiana, Hoosiers are finding hope in the midst of the coronavirus. In that small town, firemen are building a deck to help a family celebrate their son.

18-year-old Chase Smith is terminally ill with Ewing’s sarcoma, a rare form of cancer around the bones. His family wanted to throw him a graduation party outside.

Friends from the Avon and Wayne Township Fire Departments decided to make it happen with a new deck. 

“We’re here to let the family enjoy the time that they have left with him… This is nothing,” J.T. Volz from the Washington Township Avon Fire Department said.

“I’m just beyond thankful. You know, they’re out here on the front line anyway with this COVID mess that we’re experiencing right now anyway, and then to take their day off and spend it here in the rain, drizzling rain, cold, windy… There’s no words that my family can express,” Brad Smith, Chase’s father said.

The deck boards were all donated by Gillman Home Center in Edinburgh. The firemen say they’re hoping to have all this work done by next Friday. 

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