Firearm sales soar in Indiana, record numbers seen nationwide on Black Friday

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (December 4, 2015) – Retailers are seeing a surge in gun sales throughout the country and right here in Indiana.

The FBI reports more than 860,000 background checks for firearms purchases have been made in Indiana so far this year.

That’s up 10,000 from 2014.

A record was even set nationally just last week- on Black Friday, there were 185,000 background checks across the nation for firearms purchases in a single day.

Local firearms retailers tell us calls for tougher gun laws from the President and others along with violence in Indiana and around the globe are reasons for the increase.

“I think every time that we hear about violent crime in particular about defenseless victims, people say, I don’t want to be that defenseless victim. I want to have the capacity to defend myself and more importantly my family,” says Second Amendment attorney and certified NRA firearms instructor Guy Relford.

Gun sales doubled between 2008 and 2012. They have also doubled since then.

Relford encourages new gun owners to take a safety course on how to handle the firearm properly.

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