Feeding the farmers: Whiteland HS students give back to local agriculture industry


Students in Johnson County are feeding the farmers who work to feed us.

Members of Whiteland Community High School’s FFA club packed about 200 lunches to feed those working to harvest food in central Indiana.

The food was donated by several businesses in the area, and they’ll be delivering them to farmers all across Johnson County.

At first, the initiative included only farmers in Whiteland. It began when some students were working with farmers during harvest and noticed how much of a sacrifice they were making to gather the food and produce they were growing. The movement has since grown to include farms all across the county.

“A lot of them [the farmers], they’ll go… especially if they know incoming weather is coming in and they need to get done in a certain amount of time, they’ll go 12-18 hours, all night if they have to in order to get that done. So sometimes maybe they don’t get a meal for a while, said Whiteland High School’s agriculture teacher and FFA advisor, Hanna Goeb.

“So having that ability where they don’t have to stop, they don’t have to drive somewhere to go get a meal, they can just keep working, I think that’s really important and it makes their day a little bit smoother.”

Goeb says it’s a good opportunity for students to get to meet and talk to local farmers about agriculture as well as learn from them. She also says it’s good to see the students give back to the community, especially while on their fall break.

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