FBI raids in Plainfield linked to December cyber threats directed at high school


Picture of scene on May 24, 2016

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4 Fast Facts

  • On December 16, online threats were made directed at Plainfield High School.
  • Threats continued to be made and The Shops at Perry Crossing, Carmike movie theater, and Walmart were targeted.
  • FBI raids connected to these cyber threats are being conducted at two locations in Plainfield.
  • A K9 unit is searching a home at Avon Avenue and Elm Street.

PLAINFIELD, Ind. – Federal, state and local law enforcement agencies from Plainfield Police Department, Brownsburg Police Department, IMPD, ISP and the FBI are conducting a criminal investigation at two locations in Plainfield, and they’re serving search warrants.

Investigators carried several bags and at least one computer out of a home at 270 Avon Avenue Tuesday morning. It was one of the locations investigators searched back in January when three people were taken in for questioning.  One of those people was a sophomore at Plainfield High School, according to neighbors.  The Crimes Against Children Unit is part of the investigation, which multiple sources said was related to the Plainfield threats that were made last December by Facebook user Brian Kil.

Neither federal, state or local police agencies have released details on who the target of Tuesday’s search was.  The search warrants have been sealed and no arrests have been announced.

The Brian Kil Facebook account initially posted violent online threats against a female student before directing threats to the rest of Plainfield Community Schools.

The threats against Plainfield Schools were made December 16.. Plainfield Community School Corporation closed their schools one day before the start of winter break as a result of the threats. The threats continued through December and into January, The Shops at Perry Crossing and Carmike movie theater were targeted December 18, prompting the mall to close and the movie theater to evacuate.  Both businesses reopened with upgraded security the next day.  Further threats against the mall, movie theater and nearby Walmart did not prompt any closures.

“Brian Kil” posted new threats January 2 as Plainfield students were preparing to return to school.  Some parents kept children home when classes resumed January 4.

The first set of raids happened the next day, on January 5.

Things seemed to quiet down until February until somebody using the “Brian Kil” Facebook account released a long statement, claiming all the threats had been fake, and he never intended to carry them out.  The person said he had hacked the account of a Plainfield student and posted the threats.  The person also said he lived oceans away from Indiana, and police would never find him.

Five months after the threats began, some Plainfield residents are still nervous about the threats made against Plainfield schools.

“I’ve got a grandson that goes to the middle school down there,” said Peggy Goold.  “Graduation is next weekend.  It’s a scary thought.”

Susie Pilnock, who lives across the street from the house that was searched said she’s not surprised police were back for a return visit.  She says police activity has remained steady in the last few months.

“It’s been a lot of drugs, a lot of police activity, a lot of robberies going on there,” Pilnock said.

Goold and other neighbors said they hope the latest search means investigators are close to making an arrest in the case.

“I’m thinking that they might get this kid,” Goold said.  “And you know, I think he deserves what he gets.  He’s a kid, but he has to be a pretty smart kid to be doing the computer like he’s doing.”

It’s not known if the timing of the raid had any connection to the last day of school before summer break for Plainfield Community Schools.  Plainfield School officials say they were not aware of any threats against the schools on Tuesday.  They also said no students were taken out of class by police Tuesday.

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