FBI reports less bank robberies occurring across Indiana, following national numbers

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The FBI reports fewer people are robbing banks across Indiana, and it’s following national trends. This is good news; especially as special agents remind everyone the impacts of these crimes run much deeper than stolen money.

“I’ve seen bank robbers basically destroy people’s careers,” Special Agent Steven Secor said. “There are people who can’t go back to work after being a victim in a bank robbery.”

The FBI works hand-in-hand with IMPD to investigate bank robberies across Marion County.

“What makes a bank robbery more likely to be prosecuted, are their firearms involved,” Secor explained. “Are they serial bank robbers? Have they committed multiple bank robberies? Was there violence involved?”

Secor pointed to an October 2018 bank robbery that started in Anderson and ended in Hamilton County.

“We caught him in his getaway vehicle, and he’s now going to be spending 10 years of his life in prison,” Secor said.

Secor reminds everyone the crime impacts more than the culprit.

“The victims at the bank whose lives are changed, this gentleman has a wife and two children,” Secor said.

FBI Victim Specialist Sarah Abdullah helps the innocent bystanders caught in the middle.

“Trying to de-escalate the situation, helping them to know what they may experience in the next days, weeks and months after an event,” Abdullah explained. “Really helping them to know that they have resources available to them as well as they work through the emotional side of the crime.”

If you want to see the numbers of bank robberies reported by the FBI, visit FBI.gov.

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