SPEEDWAY, Ind. — Friday afternoon could not have had better weather for the thousands of fans who came out to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for Fast Friday.

An especially nice day for the younger families attempting to create the next generation of race fans.

”Oh it’s exciting, watching his eyes. He loves to see the cars going around,” said Lisa Brown, talking about her young grandson, Hunter.

Families we talked to see Fast Friday as the perfect day to introduce kids to the speedway and start new traditions.

”It’s fun. I’m glad to share it with them. I’ve been coming out here for years and this is our first time together,” said Gary Brunner. Brunner was hand in hand with his two children, 3-year-old Benjamin and 2-year-old Ginger.

Brunner admitted he might have bitten off more than he could chew having two kids young kids here but he’s confident he can handle it and they’ll have fun.

”Just finding some shade, maybe, putting on some sunscreen and watching the cars,” Brunner said. “Benjy is like his dad, he loves cars, and I hope he enjoys it.”

Other families have already established this as a yearly traditon. The Nichols family is at their fourth Fast Friday with their oldest son, Jameson, and it’s the first trip to the track for their youngest, Sully.

”It’s fun and it’s really cool to see it in their eyes and they are obsessed with the cars and it’s just fun to watch, we love Indianapolis,” said Kelly Nichols.

That look in the eyes is something all race fans have in common at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Michael Togni is getting ready for his 44th Indianapolis 500, he’s been coming to the speedway since he was a little boy.

”You see the same people you see only once a year, it’s tradition, it’s all about tradition here,” Tongi said. “There are other races and other places but this is Indianapolis.”

Tongi said he feels close to everyone at the track.

”People you don’t even know high fiving, hand shaking, hugging,” he said. “It’s just a big family reunion. I’m getting goosebumps just talking about it.”

The love for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway runs deep with these fans. Father and son Mark and Jaden Roth just got matching wings and wheels tattoos six days ago.

”I’ve always wanted to get the wheels and wings,” Mark said. “I’ve always wanted to get it during the month of may. He’s been gone a little bit with work and he’s finally home at the right time to do it.”

The pair are looking forward to a great weekend and even better race day.

”Race day is race day,” Mark said. “The morning you get up is the most special morning, that shower is more special, the getting in the car is more special, the drive down here is more special.”

If you couldn’t catch the Fast Friday fun, there is more opportunities with qualifying Saturday and Sunday. Gates open at IMS Saturday morning at 8 a.m.