Family terrorized by geese setting up nest in front yard

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- Geese are terrorizing a southeast side neighborhood. For the last several weeks, Cindy Smith and her family have been on the other side of a wild goose chase.

Smith caught the interactions on video, showing a male goose going to aggressive measures to protect a nest he and his mate made in Smith's front yard.

The video shows Smith attempting to pull into the driveway and the goose standing in her way, refusing to move.

"If you got out of the car, he would stare. He would try to charge if you got too close to him," Smith said.

For days, the female goose sat in between two bushes. Smith said she has no idea why the geese decided to set up their nest in her front yard. She lives blocks away from any ponds or lakes.

Smith even recounted a story where the male goose tried to attack a pizza delivery driver.

"As the pizza man came out to deliver to my front door, the goose came running out and charging at him, so the pizza man dove back into the car," Smith said.

Although somewhat comical, Smith said it could have turned into a dangerous situation.

"He could have very well hurt someone. He was in the center of our driveway and we had children walking down the street and he did charge at them," she said.

The geese eventually left, but they left behind a few eggs. Smith called the DNR and they came to collect the eggs. Smith said DNR officials didn't believe the geese inside the eggs survived.

It is illegal to collect eggs on your own without first registering with the DNR.

You can dispose of a nest before eggs have been laid.

In Marion County, it's illegal to touch or harm geese while trying to scare them off your property. In May, an Indianapolis dad was slapped with a fine and ticket after hitting a goose with a plastic baseball bat, trying to save his son from being attacked.

According to the DNR, you should use "harrassing techniques" to get geese to leave your property. Those include:

  • Shouting
  • Waving your arms
  • Banging pots and pans
  • Using a garden hose

Click here for more information about geese and laws protecting them.

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