Family rescued after being stranded along McCormick’s Creek


OWEN COUNTY, Ind. — A family is rescued after being stranded on the banks of McCormick’s Creek.

Last Thursday, the family of seven, including adults and children, were hiking.  They made it across the creek and got stuck after a flash flood.

“This can happen fairly quickly if we get heavy rains. It could happen within minutes to hours after receiving the rain depending on where it’s from,” said Chris Springstun, Indiana Conservation Officer with the Department of Natural Resources.

The family called 911 and waited under a high bluff for help to arrive.

“They had done what a lot of people do — came to the property and were enjoying it and all of a sudden this roar of water entered the area and they found themselves on the wrong side of the creek,” said Officer Springstun.

When CBS4 crews were at McCormick’s Creek, DNR officers told us the current water levels were about average.  The day of the rescue, the water levels were 2-3 feet higher, which made it way too dangerous for the family to return to the other side of the creek.

DNR officers, firefighters and sheriff’s deputies had to get through several hundred yards of rugged terrain to reach the hikers.  Then first responders had to use rope to guide each one away from the water and out of the woods.

“It was pretty rocky terrain to get them out that way and certainly there were falls along the way but we were there to help them,” said Officer Springstun.

Officer Springstun says in this emergency, this family did what they were supposed to do: stop, find higher ground, and call for help.

“Had they attempted to make it across that creek, the story could’ve ended very differently. We’re thankful it did not,” said Officer Springstun.

With more rain in the forecast, officials are reminding everyone to be extra careful on the water.

“You’re in nature’s mercy whenever you come to properties. We want people to be here and enjoy it and be safe while you’re at it,” said Officer Springstun.

Everyone in the group was checked out by medics on scene. Thankfully no one was hurt.

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