Family remembers two sisters killed by teen who crashed through Clinton County home


Haliegh and Callie Fullerton (Photo provided via GoFundMe with permission from family)

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– The teen driver who crashed through a Clinton County home, fatally striking two sisters, will be charged as an adult.

The girls’ family spoke out Thursday about the crash and their daughters.

“There was a loud thunder noise and it was like an explosion,” said Bridget Fullerton, recalling the moment a car came crashing through her home. “Then the wall just starts falling and there was debris everywhere. I got thrown down but I got up because of the girls…” she said.

Family members tell us Haleigh Fullerton, 17, and Callie Fullerton, 8, were on the couch watching TV that night. Police say Alia Sierra, 17, crashed through their living room.

“I realized that the car was on top of the couch where the girls were,” said Fullerton.

The sisters were killed on impact. Family members tried to lift the car off of them.

“We were yelling for the girls and there was nothing. Jacob was trying to pull his little sister out from underneath the car,” said Fullerton.

Police believe Sierra was driving at least 80 miles an hour and may have been under the influence of opioids when she crashed through the home, which is more than 100 feet from the roadway.

“I always said as long as mommy is in the house you have nothing to be afraid of, and I just hate it because I could not do anything to help them,” said Fullerton.

Sierra faces preliminary charges of criminal recklessness.

“No matter what happens to her…even if they let her go tomorrow or if they put her in prison for life, our lives are still destroyed. It is never going to be the same,” said Todd Fullerton, the girls’ father.

The family tells us Haleigh was a straight-A student who had a bright future. The teen planned on attending Purdue University. Callie was smart, competitive, and sweet. Both girls had their whole lives ahead of them.

“Even if she does have to do time, her mom can still go see her. We can not see our kids…we have to go to the cemetery,” said Bridget.

Sierra is set to appear in Clinton County court Friday morning for her first hearing.

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