Family remembers man found dead in the middle of Indy road


Pat Brewer

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Questions still surround Patrick Brewer’s death… and likely will until at least tomorrow.

Police initially believe the case was a hit-and-run, but now say they’re waiting for autopsy results before assigning the case to the traffic or homicide units.

Whether it’s a hit-and-run or some other attack, Brewer’s family tell me it’s still murder and he deserves justice.

Family and friends describe the 48-year-old as a sweet, family man.

“Pat loved family reunions,” said his mother Mary Graham. “We had a family reunion Friday and we had a fish fry.”

Brewer spent all night with family on Friday. He planned to go to the second day of his family reunion, but never made it.

“My brother was violently attacked by one coward, two cowards, whatever,” said his sister Nancy Jackson.

Early Saturday morning, Brewer’s body was found in the middle of the 1400 block of Exeter Avenue.

“Generally when you get hit by a car, don’t you have other marks on you?” questioned Jackson. “I mean you just don’t have it on your head, in one spot. You have it all over you.”

Graham now fears her suspicions may be shared by police. Police say they’re waiting for autopsy results to determine if the case should go to traffic or homicide detectives.

Either way, Graham is heartbroken burying a second son in three years.

“It’s not fair at all,” said Jackson. “Three years ago, I buried my second son. He died of meningitis. And this year, I’m burying my baby boy.”

Once the coroner figures out Brewer’s cause of death, Graham and her daughter hope to share any information they can think of with detectives.

They hope something that didn’t seem relevant before, might be the clue that leads police to brewer’s killer.

“I want something done about it,” said Jackson. “They’re going to find out who did it. I’m just going to make sure I pray every day, that they find a way to forgive themselves, because they have no idea what they’ve done.”

Brewer’s autopsy is expected to be completed tomorrow.

Anyone with any information about how he died is asked call Crimestoppers at 262-TIPS.

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