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FAYETTE COUNTY, Ind. — On Good Friday, 1986, Denise Pflum would leave her home searching for a purse she left at a party. More than three decades later, her family is finally getting some answers to what happened after she left, never to return.

The Fayette County Sheriff’s Department announced an arrest in the case Thursday afternoon. Shawn McClung was charged with voluntary manslaughter resulting from the investigation into the death of Denise Pflum.

The case dates back to March 28, 1986. The Justice For Denise Pflum page says it was spring break, with parties scheduled for almost every night for the final spring break of her high school years.

The night before she went missing, Denise was at a bonfire party. While she was there, the page reports she lost her purse. She told her family that she would go and look for it the next day. When she headed out in her cream-colored 1981 Buick Regal, it would be the last time her family would see her.

During the investigation into her disappearence, McClung claimed that Pflum was still alive. However, the Fayette County Sheriff’s Department says he has recently admitted to killing her in March 1986.

Family members reacted to the arrest Thursday, saying they appreciate the support they have gotten over the years and are looking forward to the day Denise can be given a fitting memorial.

With this arrest, David, Judy and their family receive some satisfaction in knowing that, after 34 years, someone involved in Denise’s disappearance has been arrested and charged. For this we want to thank the Fayette County Sheriff’s Department and the Fayette County Prosecutor.

The family has hope that this arrest will persuade the others involved to come forward to tell what happened on that Good Friday and therefore finally reveal where Denise can be found.

The family continues to be immeasurably grateful for the support and love they have received over the years from their family, friends and even strangers. They ask for that continued support until the complete details of this event are known.

They look forward to a day when Denise can be given a fitting memorial and laid in a peaceful resting place. That occasion is long overdue.

The Pflum Family

The investigation into her death is ongoing as of the time of this report.