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INDIANAPOLIS — The family of Dreasjon Reed held a press conference Tuesday morning to address their son’s death. This is the first time Reed’s mother spoke publicly. 

They were joined by their attorneys, Swaray Conteh and Fatima Johnson of The Law Firm of Fatima Johnson, LLC.

The deadly shooting of Dreasjon Reed was recorded on live streaming video and made national headlines.

The family spoke out at 62nd and Michigan which is where the deadly shooting took place.

Reed’s mom spoke mostly about his personality while still calling for justice.

“I taught him you love everybody first. You don’t think everybody’s going to be mean to you first. If you love them first, they’ll treat you the same way back,” said Reed’s mother Demetree Wynn.

Wiping away tears, Reed’s mother recalled her son’s playful character.

“He loved to laugh and joke and play silly games. He was always the entertainer,” said Wynn.

Standing outside a tent, which has become a makeshift memorial to her son, Reed’s parents hugged and cried and spoke about his life.

They did not speak about what led up to the shooting.

Last week Reed live streamed a high speed chase with IMPD. When Reed got out of his car, after being shot with a taser, the police chief claims Reed pulled out a handgun and exchanged gunfire with an officer.

Reed’s phone was still recording when it fell to the ground. Only audio picked up the sound of gunfire. Police say Reed fired at the officer who returned fire, killing Reed.

That officer wasn’t hurt, but Reed died from his injuries.

“This is still crazy to me. I can’t picture why this happened,” said Reed’s father Jamie Reed.

While Reed’s mother and father have hired attorneys, so far they have not taken any legal action against the city.

“We have substantial information to proceed in court if we want to. At this point we’re not doing that. We’re still trying to gather more information,” said attorney Swaray Conteh.

While a couple of dozen people came out to support Reed’s family, his parents insisted everyone remain peaceful in their search for justice.

“We’re going to fight for him. I swear to God, because this is not right,” said Jamie Reed.

“This is what we’re supposed to do when we have questions. We’re not supposed to fade into the distance and fade into silence. This is what we’re supposed to do,” said attorney Fatima Johnson.

The officer involved in the shooting remains on paid administrative leave while the case is investigated. That is standard policy for the department.