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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – The family of three children killed while crossing the street to board their bus joined together this morning with several state legislators to discuss recently-filed legislation that addresses school bus safety issues in Indiana.

On Tuesday, the family of Mason, Alivia and Xzavier met with several lawmakers about a new proposed bill called M.A.X. Strong. They’re calling for tighter rules at school bus stops and tougher penalties for drivers who ignore the law.

The family is pushing specifically for greater penalties and cameras on school bus stop arms to catch violators as deterrents, more education on school bus traffic laws during driver’s tests, lower speed limits at school bus stops, and they want kids to not cross state highways to board the bus.

Several lawmakers agree that something needs to be done and children need to be safer at bus stops and on buses in general.

Senator Randy Head filed a bill on Monday. It would increase the penalties for a driver who does not stop when a school bus stop arm is extended and allow for the suspension of a person’s driving privileges with the offense. It would also require school districts to review bus routes and school bus safety policies each year.

State Representative Jim Pressel also filed legislation Tuesday morning regarding cameras on school bus stop arms.

Additonally, Senator Eric Bassler will present legislation later this month to make it a misdemeanor for anyone who ignores a stop arm.

The family know this won’t bring back Alivia, Xzavier or Mason, but they hope to turn their pain into change.

“Our passion in life was our children. That’s what we lived for,” said Brittany Ingle, Mason, Alivia and Xzavier’s mother. “And you know that’s what makes this even more passionate about being here today and continuing to go through with the max strong act is our children.”