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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — A 17-year-old boy is behind bars and a 16-year-old boy is dead following a shooting Tuesday night.

The incident took place at an apartment complex on Indy’s west side. Police say the exact circumstances of the shooting are still be investigated, but the case does once again illustrate the importance of gun safety.

While playing with a pistol, police say the suspect killed his friend. Police say the shooting appears to be an accident, but the victim’s family isn’t convinced.

“This wasn’t an accident. You don’t accidentally shoot someone in the forehead,” said the victim’s sister ,Antonette Frierson.

“I don’t feel it was accidental because of what I have heard,” said the victim’s mother, Angelyca Dossa.

Antonio Frierson Jr., 16, had been a student and football player at Ben Davis High School. His family says they’ve heard different accounts of what happened and are devastated by the death.

“My brother was really loved and it’s sad he’s gone. We can’t bring him back,” said Frierson.

“I can’t imagine anyone going through the pain we have right now,” said Dossa.

Unfortunately, Angelyca isn’t alone in having to deal with this sort of tragedy.

In just the last two months, 5-year-old D’Asia Turentine was shot and killed by her 3-year-old brother at their apartment after police say the toddler pulled the gun out of his mother’s purse while she was sleeping.

In Greenwood, 18-year-old Isaac Steinmetz is charged with killing one of his best friends 16-year-old Zachary Edwards. Police say the teenage suspect confessed to the shooting, but said he had no idea that the gun was loaded.

A recent study found Indiana ranked seventh in the nation in accidental shootings per capita.

“Antonio was a loved person. He was friends with everybody but I guess he picked the wrong friends,” said Dossa.

Police say the shooting Tuesday night shows guns in the hands of minors can have deadly consequences. Whatever led up to her son’s death, Angelyca agrees too many kids have easy access to guns.

“Grown-ups shouldn’t give kids guns or have kids around guns at all,” said Dossa.

Right now, police are not releasing the name of the 17-year-old suspect until prosecutors can decide whether to charge him as an adult. He is being held on a charge of reckless homicide.