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INDIANAPOLIS — It’s been 26 months since 30-year-old Najah Ferrell was last seen at her Avon apartment. Her family and investigators are still searching for answers to her whereabouts.

March 15 of 2019 is when Najah was last seen. She never showed up to work on Friday, March 15.

“That was my challenge and demise that we didn’t have any information, nobody working on the case, nothing until Monday,” said Ferrell’s mother, Paula Gholson.

Her mother feels time was lost during those 48 hours, but she’s still hopeful police will solve the case.

“I just take one day at a time, you know, and try to keep my faith strong as possible,” said Gholson.

Nearly two weeks after her disappearance, officials located her car and belongings along interstate 65.

“Any murder case that goes longer than a week without some kind of major lead becomes much more difficult,” said former IMPD Homicide Commander Robert Snow.

A week later, there was another shocking discovery when a fisherman found her foot in a retention pond in Crown Point on April 8.

Snow believes there could be more evidence out there, and whoever is responsible could have been headed north on I-65.

“I wouldn’t think this is the only pond they dropped things in,” said Snow.

Two years later, he is adamant there’s still more to be done.

“I would put fresh eyes on it. I would put out to have officers check with their informants. You’d be surprised how often murderers want to brag about their crimes,” said Snow.

He said investigators never let a case rest, and neither will Najah’s family.

“It’s very hard for us. It’s not easy for us to sit back because we have no closure,” said Gholson.

If you have any information about this case, you can submit tips anonymously at (317)262-TIPS.