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Editor’s note: This story was updated to include information about a video of the attack circulating on social media. The video does not show anyone held underwater.

INDIANAPOLIS – A family says they were beaten and held underwater in the downtown canal.

It happened when they were walking near the NCAA Headquarters around 10 p.m. Wednesday night when a group of 12 people passed by on scooters.

The family says one of them accidentally hit them as they were passing, and that led to a fight.

One family member reported getting hit in the head with a scooter, and another was reportedly held underwater.

Video of the attack is circulating on social media, however, we have not been given permission to share it at this time. The video does not show how the fight between the family and the other group started, and it also doesn’t show anyone held underwater. It does, however, show people in the water. We are working to obtain permission to post the video. We will add it to this story iff and when we get permission.

If you know anything about who the people are who did this, police ask that you call Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.