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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– Police say four people who were found dead inside a Harding Street home in 2015 were shot over a drug dispute.

It was revealed Wednesday evening their alleged killer, Nicholas Dunn, has been arrested. On Thursday, those victims’ family members are sharing their profound sense of relief, as well as their memories of their loved ones.

“When she walked in a room, she just brightens up the whole entire room,” said April Richardson, whose niece, Tiara Turner, was among those killed. “And she just had this energy about her.”

It’s been almost four years since Richardson last saw her niece alive.

Police say turner and three others, Terry Bettis, Sherri Taylor, and Davon Whitlock, were shot to death inside a Harding Street home, allegedly by Nicholas Dunn, using an AR-15 rifle.

“Sooner or later they will be caught, and then justice will be served,” said Richardson.

That’s the hope Richardson and her family have clung to ever since March 24, 2015, even when days were dark.

“We have a real strong faith and we always believed it,” said Richardson.

Investigators say good old-fashioned police work, DNA evidence, and a tip from Dunn’s girlfriend at the time finally led to Dunn’s arrest, bringing some sense of closure to the families impacted.

“I definitely felt like if I lost strength and completely forgot about this and gave up hope I would be letting my little brother down,” said Rashia Whitlock, whose brother Davon was also killed.

“He was a senior in high school, he was 18, with so many dreams and aspirations and they were cut short,” said Whitlock.

Now, Dunn awaits his trial four years after his alleged victims’ families say he changed their lives forever.

“I forgave him a long time ago, but that don’t mean I don’t want him to pay for what he’s done,” said Richardson.

Just days before Dunn was charged with these crimes, he was almost released from state prison after serving time for unrelated charges. Dunn now faces four counts of murder and unlawful possession of a firearm.