Experts weigh in on keeping cool, saving money during weekend heat wave

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Whether it’s saving yourself from overheating or saving money, Hoosiers have a lot to contend with during the heat wave this weekend.

FOX59 turned to the experts for tips on keeping cool and saving money.

Brad Odom, with HomeSense Heating and Cooling, said that his team was already busy by Friday afternoon.

“If you’ve done it long enough, you know the beginning of summer, you work overtime,” Odom said. “We’ll be very busy this weekend. I’m sure we’ll be running calls all day Saturday and Sunday.”

If you find yourself without air conditioning, Odom offered some tips. First, he said check your filter to be sure it’s not dirty and needs to be changed.

“When you pull them out, if you can see light coming through it, then it’s clean,” Odom said.

If it’s dirty, replace it and then try resetting your system. Odom said there should be a switch on the unit to do so. He also suggested checking your breaker box before you call a professional.

As for saving money, Indianapolis Power and Light offered some tips, too.

The company suggested these energy-saving moves:

  • Set your thermostat to the highest temperature that’s still comfortable
  • Turn off your lights and use energy-efficient bulbs where possible
  • Plug any leaks that are letting cold air out of your home
  • Close blinds and shades, particularly when the sun is shining inside

Odom even offered his suggestion on the “perfect” temperature.

“Ideally, you want to be around 75 degrees. That should be comfortable for most people,” Odom said. “If you are finding that you have to have it below 70 degrees to be comfortable, then you should probably have a technician come check the system out.”

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