Experts say sky high gas prices will stick around for weeks

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Aug. 14, 2015) -- It will likely be weeks before we see gas prices come back down in Indiana. The spike we’re seeing is due to a major oil refinery in northern Indiana, shutting down earlier this week.

Experts say it will likely be weeks before we see prices come down.

“Got to do it; I live in Muncie and drive down here every day so; these gas prices are killing me,” said Indiana driver, Sam Deardorff.

Talk about a necessary evil: Indiana drivers like Deardorff are paying nearly $74 to fill up.

“Got to pay it; if you want to drive, you have to pay it. It’s not right, I don’t think it’s right, but what are you going to do?” he said.

“How much I paid last week, versus how much I’m paying right now; I paid about $35 last week, now it’s going to be about $41, $42. Just the difference in what I’m paying to fill up my tank,” said another Indiana driver.

Drivers are already seeing the spike. According to, we’ve seen prices in Indiana rise by 30-40 cents a day in some cities.

The reason: one of the largest oil refineries in the U.S. outside of the Gulf of Mexico has shut down. The BP refinery in Whiting, Ind., unexpectedly stopped producing this week. BP officials blamed an unscheduled repair to the facility.

The Whiting refinery is a major supplier of gas to the Midwest. As a result, prices at the pump have been sent skyrocketing. According to experts at Purdue University, the refinery will remain non-operational for weeks, which will likely keep gas prices high.

According to Purdue University, the refinery produces seven million gallons of gas a day. In Indiana, drivers consume 16.8 million gallons each day. That’s a loss of roughly 40% of Indiana’s gas consumption.

The sky high prices are being felt at pumps across the Midwest. The Attorney General of Michigan is demanding that BP explain why they shut the refinery down and that they provide an exact time table of when it’ll be back up and running.

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