Empowering struggling fathers to get back on their feet

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (May 12, 2015) -The Indiana Healthy Marriage and Family Coalition is holding monthly forms, aimed to help young fathers get back on their feet.

Tuesday night’s forum is called “Breaking the Cycle of Incarceration.” According to statistics from the Indiana Department of Correction gathered in 2008, 49 percent of people were unemployed, after being released from jail in 2005. Out of those people, 42 percent of them committed another crime and went back to jail. The recidivism rate in Indiana is a concern for Pastor John Girton Jr. He’s the Executive Director of The Indiana Healthy Marriage and Family Coalition.

“It’s open to anyone in the community who has some challenges or has some issues, may have a felony or many have a criminal history, a criminal background, and they really want to move forward,” Girton said.

He said the focus of the forums is helping men, who can then help their families. He said the lessons should be learned at a young age.

“Children can only be what they see. We cannot give our young people the responsibility of raising themselves,” said Girton.

At each fatherhood forum, key speakers will attend. The guests have the opportunity to learn from others who have been in their shoes.

“That is the most powerful and potent thing that you can put up in front of someone, is a testimony, somebody who says I know where you are, cuz I’ve been there,” Girton said.

You can find a list of fatherhood forum events by clicking here.

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