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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind–Police are on the hunt for a burglar breaking into downtown apartments and stealing high ticket items like TV’s.

It’s believed the crook is gaining access by hacking into the electronic lock system that many downtown apartments have.

“You can break into anything these days,” said resident Bruce Morrison.

“It’s kind of scary to think that someone is breaking into buildings even through some sophisticated security,” said Patrick Spanner.

Police say the burglar is hacking their way inside some very posh downtown apartments. ‘Circa’ on College Avenue near Mass Ave and ‘Hinge” on Virginia Avenue in Fletcher Place were two of the targets.

The valuable items were taken from the common areas, according to IMPD police reports.  Resident units were not entered according to police.

“People think they have total security they don’t,” said Duke Drummond, owner of AA Safe and Lock.

Drummond says people all over the world attempt to hack into electronic lock systems and once they succeed –they share the secret online.

“You’ve got people working to just defeat systems. That’s all they do. They want to find the little glitch in the system,” said

IMPD says security cameras caught images of the man at both properties.  However, those images were not released.

“Hopefully, they find him and he doesn’t hurt anyone or take anymore stuff,” said resident Zachary Heck.

The management company that operates Circa says they are cooperating fully with police and take resident safety seriously.

Police advise all resident to lock their doors once they are inside.