WESTFIELD, Ind. — Westfield-Washington Schools are expanding as many of their schools reach near capacity. Their development plan is known as Destination Westfield.

“We’re at a point now where it’s time for us to continue to change and grow as a district,” said Assistant Superintendent for Business and Operations Brian Tomamichel in a video posted to YouTube.

Westfield-Washington Schools plan to:

  • Build a new, seventh elementary school at 171st Street and Towne Road
  • Build a new, second middle school at SR 32 and Centennial Road
  • Keep fifth grade in elementary schools
  • Move sixth grade to middle school
  • Turn the Westfield Intermediate School building into the eighth elementary school
  • Renovate or rebuild Shamrock Springs Elementary School

“As we continue to grow, we feel that this is a solution that sets up for years to come,” said Tomamichel. “It gets us in a proactive state to make sure that we don’t feel overcrowded in any of our buildings and that we have manageable class sizes across the district as well.”

Renovation will begin on Carey Ridge Elementary School this spring in an effort to expand its capacity in their special education program.

In the fall, construction will begin on the second middle school and is expected to take two to three years. Around the same time, construction will also start for the seventh elementary school with a completion time estimated at approximately two years.

This change will impact all of the schools in the district, as phase two of Destination Westfield will be to make minor renovations to remaining school buildings.

“We want the kids to graduate and feel pride in their community and feel pride in themselves, that’s the most important thing and that’s our focus, and that’s our target, that’s part of our core values and what we believe,” said Dr. Paul Kaiser, superintendent of schools.

Parents, staff, and community members with questions and concerns are encouraged to call Dr. Kaiser between 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. at (317) 385-4912 and leave a message for him to return your call.