Parents upset sixth graders taught next to second graders at IPS School 99

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Some parents at an IPS elementary school expressed frustration to CBS4 claiming there aren’t enough teachers at the school.

Lamia Nelson just pulled her 6-year-old son out of Arlington Woods Elementary after only a week into the school year.

Nelson said Airion was supposed to be in a first grade classroom, but was moved to a different class. She said she called the principal of School 99 to find out why.

“She said, ‘well like I don’t have any teachers. My last first grade teacher has already put in his notice,'” Nelson recalled. “She told me that she can change his classroom to a second, third, or fourth grade class. And I told her, ‘well he’s in the first grade!'”

Then we heard from another Arlington Woods parent. She told us her daughter, who is supposed to be in sixth grade, was spending her days in a second grade classroom.

CBS4 took those concerns to IPS to get some answers.

A spokeswoman admitted, there is a first grade teacher who has turned in their notice to leave, but did not know why Nelson’s son would be impacted since the teacher is still currently employed.

The school is also down one sixth grade teacher who had taken another position within the district.

Indianapolis Public Schools sent this statement to CBS4 :

“Indianapolis Public Schools is aware of a sixth grade teacher vacancy at Arlington Woods Elementary School 99. On the few occasions a substitute teacher wasn’t available, students were placed in other classrooms with grade-level appropriate classwork. The teachers in those rooms are certified to teach sixth grade and provide support when necessary. Our standard hiring process is underway and we’re working diligently to fill the vacancy as quickly as possible.”

“They need to get it together,” Nelson said. That’s why she moved her son to a whole new school.

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