Martin University uses COVID-19 assistance money to forgive student fees


Photo courtesy of Martin University

INDIANAPOLIS– Federal COVID-19 assistance money means Martin University will be able to forgive more than $600,000 in overdue fees owed by approximately 200 students.

So far, 55 students have taken advantage of the offer.

“I can tell you I’ve seen people walk away with amounts like $4,000 eliminated from their back due balances,” said John Girton, Jr., Vice President of Marketing and Communication.

In order to qualify, students needed to have been enrolled in March of 2020 and had their education interrupted due to the pandemic, or, will have re-enrolled in the fall semester which begins Oct. 8.

“This is your opportunity to finish what you started. This is your opportunity to reach a dream that you have to continue your education,” said Girton. “We’re not talking about federal loans, we’re not clearing peoples’ loans here, okay, lets just be clear, we’re clearing peoples’ balances.”

Kinshasa Allender was one of those students who put pursuit of her graduate degree on hold due to the financial pressures of the COVID-19 pandemic and was able to take advantage of the fee forgiveness offer.

“It was definitely a lifesaver for me having to pay out of pocket for courses and trying to juggle my everyday finances,” she said. “It was close to $2,000, so that was a large amount to help me continue my education. It relieved that pressure and stress that I had worrying how to fit this into my budget as well as it was a no-brainer that I was going to continue my education.”

For more information, contact the Martin University Office of the Bursar at (317) 543-3235. Additional information can be found online here.

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