IPS launches internal investigation into bus inspection failures

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Nov. 5, 2015) — Indianapolis Public Schools administrators say they are looking into the cause of dozens of failed bus inspections this week.

Indiana State Police inspectors showed up for a planned semi-annual inspection Wednesday and Thursday. In all, inspectors looked at 53 school buses that are 12 years and older, making them subject to six month inspections.

The passing rate for those buses was only 55%, with one-third of them deemed unsafe for kids and pulled out of service. Violations ranged from non-working emergency doors to fuel leaks.

“Safety is paramount and always in our minds and we expect all of our services to provide safety, whether in school or on a school bus,” Deputy Superintendent for Operations Scott Martin said.

Martin spoke to FOX59 a day after news broke of the failed inspections. He said that the buses passed over the summer, leading him to believe there was a breakdown in maintenance over the past several months.

“We’ll be going back through all of our processes, going through every inspection sheet of every bus and identifying who worked on it, whether it was in house or out of house and addressing those concerns immediately,” Martin said.

FOX59 also learned that some of the buses pulled from service had been used to transport students to school hours earlier.

The district will also look into contractors who are used to repair more serious issues on the buses.

Martin said there will be no disruption of services and he wanted parents to be confident IPS is doing its job.

“We want them to know that we care about their students too and we will do whatever it takes to make sure those students are safe and the parents feel good that their students are safe and they’re on a bus that’s going to get them to school safely,” Martin said.

To view your child’s school bus inspection reports, go to the link here.

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