Edgewood police take suspected con man into custody

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Update: Edgewood police say Todd Jones is in custody. Anyone who believes they are a victim is asked to call their local police department.

EDGEWOOD, Ind. – Police in Edgewood in Madison County are taking to Facebook, urging residents to keep an eye out for a man who they say could be looking to take their money and run off to Florida.

Investigators there said 50-year-old Todd Jones has a warrant out for his arrest. Police said he’s done lawn maintenance and handyman work in the past and may be preying on the elderly.

Police call the notice about Jones a “scam/fraud warning.”

“We’ve already talked to two individuals that have paid him already, given their money to him and no work has been done,” said Andrew Ellingwood, Edgewood Police Chief.

Ellingwood said they believe the solicitation started about a month ago. One of those cases came back on April 5th, he said, when someone wrote Jones a check for $600 for work which still hasn’t been completed.

Ellingwood said Jones will offer to do lawn or handyman work and take money upfront. He believes Jones is trying to get the funds to skip town.

“He may be looking to get enough money to go to Florida,” he said.

Since the department’s Facebook post on Wednesday night, the chief said he’s taken six calls on Thursday morning of sightings and other information. Police believe Jones could be hitting up residents in Madison and Hamilton Counties. They’re especially concerned about older residents.

Ellingwood said Jones has a criminal record, and residents shouldn’t answer the door if he shows up.

“If Todd would happen to show up at your home, it would be our recommendation that you don’t answer it, lock the door, and call the police, and allow the police to deal with Todd,”  he said.

We went to the last known residence of Todd Jones in Edgewood, but he was not home.

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